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Posted on 7 avril 2012 in PunkTek

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Dark Pirate by Lui-Mp3
Title : Dark Pirate
Music style or genre : PunkTek
Thematic Areas : Computer, hacking, piracy
The web is built to be an area of freedom. Its design makes it difficult to domination by a single entity. This freedom can not survive without that much of the programmers of that network assets are to be independent persons, insubordinate, anarchists, sometimes living on the margins of society.
But talking about pirates. Many hackers who participated in web development or evolution. Today, many successful companies were created by hackers. The current example is essential to be Facebook, whose Harvard hacking by his boss, M.Zuckerberg marked my memory.
Acts of hacking, phishing attacks and other denial of service are daily. So, I think it is essential that these pirates understand that their actions must be limited to preserve freedom of the web without plundering or defraud those who attempt to use or develop the network services.
This is where I make a difference between good and bad hackers. Again, there are those who sided with dark and those who become heroes. So all together, stay in the direction of the web. To keep it free.
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Lyrics of Dark Pirate, Lui-Mp3,
My firewall it crossed ,
it is an intrusion,
Dark Pirate.
His websites are filled
of spyware,
Dark Pirate.
By spam murderers,
I phished,
Dark Pirate.
Go Pirate, attack, attack … attack.
Alert, alert, a new virus was detected,
antivirus, update the database.
It cut the world solo,
hounds my account,
Dark Pirate.
Perched high, the black flag
he raised,
Dark Pirate.
My firewall has cheated,
it is a confirmed hacker,
Dark Pirate.
Go Pirate, attack, attack … attack.
Alert, alert, a Trojan is installed,
antivirus, update the database.
My guards were released,
I am gutted,
Dark Pirate.
He used my identity,
I am possessed,
Dark Pirate.
My last resort is to become like him,
Dark Pirate.
Now that I am a pirate, I attack, I attack.
I am a pirate, I attack, I attack.
I am a pirate, I attack, I attack.
I attack … I attack … I attack … I attack …

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