Electronic musician

Most of you arrived at this site using Facebook, Twittter, or a search engine because you want to find free music or mp3 format.
Freedom of choice,
As a result, it was you who clicked on a link freely to find the resources on this site. Feel free to listen and download all music or mp3 that you will find this course if the musical context offered you.
Troubadour and direct link,
A website makes it possible for an artist like me to directly communicate his work to an audience like you in the same way as a street musician will do in your way when you walk in your city.
Web and shares,
I therefore undertake to provide free listen and download all my music on my various sites dedicated exclusively to music.
If you want to criticize me, encourage me, write me using the contact form.
Free music,
If you can listen and download for free, you can not use my music as you see fit. Pieces Lui-Mp3 is protected by Creative Commons which you can find the license below. Good download, good listening.